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Please give a big welcome to today’s guest Chloe Tascoff! After being a teacher for 5 years, Chloe quit to focus on video marketing and helping people break past their income ceiling.  Chloe talks about the hardships of being a mother in the workforce, emphasizing the lack of maternity support, especially with unpaid or un-offered […]

Episode 53: Maternity Support in the Workplace with Chloe Tascoff

A big thank you to Sarah Lawyer for talking with us on the podcast today! Sarah coaches high-powered businesswomen in strengthening their marketing strategies to increase their reach. In this episode, Sarah shares how she was able to build her business and what tips she tells others when building their marketing. She shares the importance […]

Episode 52: Increasing Your Reach with Sarah Lawyer

We are super grateful to have Jenny Watt with us on the podcast today! Jenny inspires others to grow their businesses and will be providing masterclasses on how to fight imposter syndrome and how to silence your inner critic.  Jenny discusses with us the growth that she’s had in her own business, and the learning […]

Episode 51: Growing and Evolving with Jenny Watt

In today’s episode, we are excited to welcome branding strategist Elizabeth Hambleton! Elizabeth works with entrepreneurs to help market and build their businesses, along with running her own business Bonjour Branding. She enjoys providing skills and accessible learning to others through her Udemy courses.  When it feels like everyone around you does everything so easily, […]

Episode 50: Am I Running in the Right Direction? with Elizabeth Hambleton

We are excited to be joined by Lindsey Deters today to learn about personal fitness! After 8 years of nursing and being a busy mom, Lindsey Deters is now a passionate physical trainer helping moms rediscover their strength.  Lindsey shares how to break down your past beliefs about fitness to achieve forward progress. She talks […]

Episode 49: Reclaiming Personal Fitness with Lindsey Deters

Wondering how to transition from client work to a program model for your business? Are you worried about a disruption in steady income?  Here’s my take: You can test out a program model anytime you want. What do you say when someone asks them how you can help them? That’s your “talk track.” And you […]

Episode 48: What to Do if You’re Nervous to Transition out of Client Work

Boots on the ground, what are people struggling with when it comes to operations in their business? Answer: Cohesion. Founder of Agape Professional, Christina Vanacore is a tough New Yorker who knows how to streamline business operations so that they are smooth like butter. And that’s important because lack of cohesion is the main thing […]

Episode 47: How to Streamline Operations, Scale and Hire a Team? with Christina Vanacore

Calling out to all the virtual assistants and especially to all our working moms out there! Today Lindsey chats with Heather Wells about starting out as a freelance virtual assistant and building a business. Working moms need a way to work from home and do double duty as moms, and their super-star, multi-tasking skills are […]

Episode 46: Becoming a Virtual Assistant with Heather Wells

We hold onto things in our business because they’ve gotten us this far, but if they’re still not feeling right, let them go. It can be time to pivot anytime you want. What feels right? I want to tell you about an exercise I do with entrepreneurs to help break out of the boxes we […]

Episode 45: A Dramatic and Radical Vision Intensive Exercise with Me

We are so excited to have Amber Stitt as a guest on the podcast today.  Amber is an insurance planner who believes in making your own happiness. In this episode, Amber and Lindsey discuss the concept of ideas and how to act on them. They talk about how you need to learn about how you process […]

Episode 44: Getting Organized and Taking Action with Amber Stitt