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Game time! Today’s episode is all about gamifying your business in order to motivate your audience. Welcome to Business Automation Secrets with ME, Lindsey Ardmore. Our guest today is Jenny Hansen Lane. Jenny is an expert in turning your customers into highly motivated players in your “game,” AKA business.  Today, Jenny shares how she’s been able to […]

Episode 4: Gamify Your Business

Business Automation Secrets with Lindsey Ardmore is a podcast that will change the way you run your business. Tune in each week for a look behind the scenes of what’s working and what’s not, for other other gorgeous female entrepreneurs!  Everyone wants to be MAGNETIC! And SHINE! And MAKE MORE MONEY! Today’s guest helps you do […]

Episode 3: Neuroactivate Yourself Into Action

In this episode, I sat down to talk with Ashely Gainer, a talented copywriter known for developing her very own, strategic sales e-mail method. Listen in to find out what’s so special about The Gainer Method and how you can improve your conversion rates.  After working with dozens of brilliant, hard-working entrepreneurs as a freelance […]

Episode 2: Improve Your Conversion Rates with One Simple Email

Welcome to the first episode of Business Automation Secrets. Sit down with Lindsey today and she shares her origin story and encourages you on yours.  Download a Transcript Download on iTunes Join Business Automation Secrets