In today’s episode, we are so happy to welcome Dee Tomashoff. Dee is a CPA with a background in finance who is teaching us how to set realistic financial goals.  While finances can be very intimidating, it is important to understand and track them. Dee shares methods on how to do so while keeping everything […]

Episode 61: Setting Motivating Revenue Goals for 2023 with Dee Tomashoff

Today we are joined by graphic designer and owner of Authentic Vision Media, Leanne Knight. Leanne’s goal is to free people from their “shoulds” and truly express their real selves on social media.  Leanne explains the beneficial features of Canva templates and how she makes them personalized to each client. Canva templates provide clarity and […]

Episode 60: Cohesive Branding and Making the Most out of Canva Templates with Leanne Knight

We are so grateful to have digital guru and TikTok expert, Louie Bischoff join us on the podcast! Louie has an extensive understanding of how TikTok and other social media work, and is so excited to share her tips with you today!  While using TikTok may seem very intimidating, Louie explains the simplicity and low […]

Episode 59: Business Marketing Using TikTok with Louie Bischoff

Welcome to the podcast today. We’re very happy to introduce you to the fabulous Jenny Belanger of Jenny B Designs. We’re talking about all of the beautiful, visual aspects of your business today: branding, websites, and logos. Today is really a fun chat because when “you look good, you do good and feel good!”  Jenny […]

Episode 58: Unlocking the Secrets to a Money-Making Home Page with Jenny B

Lindsey welcomes Dr. Denise Dennis to talk about the psychology behind managing productivity with an eye on revenue. Dr. Denise is a marketing automation specialist and the founder of Action Accelerated.  Are you constantly restarting marketing plans in your business instead of just sticking with it and tweaking your plan? Are you spending a lot of […]

Episode 57: Finding the Sweet Spot in Your Marketing with Dr. Denise Dennis

Today I want to share a client spotlight so you can get an idea of how my One-on-One Powerhouse Program transforms businesses! When this client started working with me she had no clarity in her marketing. She was trying everything without actually doing anything. She was working really hard, but no one could understand her […]

Episode 56: What Can You Do That No One Else Can?

When you’re about to hire a coach, mentor, or vendor, vet them to find out if they actually achieve the results to claim they can achieve. Know who you are working with and what they’re like. This goes beyond reading their website. I see a lot of messaging online that just doesn’t “pass the sniff […]

Episode 55: Know Who You’re Working With

We tend to overcomplicate business, but it’s just basic math.  Money out.  Leads.  Conversions.  Sale price.  Money in.  Here are some questions to ask yourself about your business: How long does it take someone coming into my world, to buy from me?  How many people who come into your world stay in your world? When […]

Episode 54: Guaranteed ROI for Your Business

Please give a big welcome to today’s guest Chloe Tascoff! After being a teacher for 5 years, Chloe quit to focus on video marketing and helping people break past their income ceiling.  Chloe talks about the hardships of being a mother in the workforce, emphasizing the lack of maternity support, especially with unpaid or un-offered […]

Episode 53: Maternity Support in the Workplace with Chloe Tascoff

A big thank you to Sarah Lawyer for talking with us on the podcast today! Sarah coaches high-powered businesswomen in strengthening their marketing strategies to increase their reach. In this episode, Sarah shares how she was able to build her business and what tips she tells others when building their marketing. She shares the importance […]

Episode 52: Increasing Your Reach with Sarah Lawyer